Last week I learned about Metabolic Meals. I had long had a feeling that if I could do one of those programs where they prepackaged the food for you, that I could probably loose weight. But because I have a soy allergy, none of them have ever been possible. But Metabolic Meals is soy free (and pork free and gluten free) and tries to source as much grass-fed and organic food as possible.

Which means that it is not cheap.

But I decided to give it a try, anyway. I figure if it does help me loose weight, it will be worth it.

My first box arrived today and so I made today Day 1. My lunch was chicken gumbo. I took one look at the portion size and was immediately dismayed at how tiny it was. In their user guide they indicate that if you still feel hungry to eat vegetables, so I went ahead and made a small salad because I knew my stomach would be growling. But that chicken gumbo was absolutely and completely delicious. By dinner time my stomach was seriously growling again. So I heated up the next meal, turkey meatballs with carrots. Again, the food was absolutely deliciousness. But, my stomach is still growling.

This is going to take some getting used to.

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