I haven’t blogged in a little over three years. When I first started blogging back in 2001-2002 it was simply for my friends to read. I laugh as I look at old entries that post quiz results and talk about a bad day because it simply reiterates that Facebook really replaced my blog. I started using Facebook in May 2007, not too long after it had become available to everyone over the age of 13. My blog then simply became a collection of book reviews and as I became burned out on reviewing, it simply faded.

But today I felt the urge to blog. Mostly because I want to speak. It’s always lovely to converse with friends, but it’s rare that I am allowed to say everything I need to say without interruption. I realized that writing isn’t narcissistic as some claim but a catharsis that gives us voice.

So with that introduction out of the way….

This week I came across this blog post about the 6 Costs of Real Friendships. It’s not an award winning piece, or presenting any new thoughts, or even old thoughts in a new, fresh way. I do take issue with the premise of the article, “A genuine friendship—is entirely unselfish. It seeks no benefit or good of its own. It does not love—for what it may receive—but for what it may give.”

I need my friends. I need companionship. We all need our friends. We all need companionship. God said that it was not good for man to be alone. What the author described is a ministry, not a friendship. The beauty of friendship though is that there are times when we do minister unto each other. One woman may be struggling through a trial and it is her friends (family can be friends just as friends can become family) that walk alongside her lifting her arms up as Aaron and Hur did for Moses. But as that trial ends or shifts and as life continues she will find herself trading places with someone, walking along side that person, ministering to them. Ministry is one-sided with a minister and the one who being ministered. Friendships are relationships.

But still, the 6 points are valid and true. It is a good post, an honest piece, and it is worth reading. Friendship does cost personal convenience, and it does cost time, and it does cost intimacy, and it does cost love, and it does cost prayer. I have never been what one would call a “prayer warrior.” I’m not sure why; I don’t think it’s a deficit or a shortcoming in my walk with God simply because I do chat with Him a lot and while I do pray for people, it’s not consistent. But multiple times this week I was reminded that a friend prays. And so … I did. And hopefully God will keep reminding me in the future.

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